Rails Event Store (RES) is a library for publishing, consuming, storing and retrieving events. It's your best companion for going with an event-driven architecture for your Rails application.

You can use it:

  • as your Publish-Subscribe bus
  • to decouple core business logic from external concerns in Hexagonal style architectures
  • as an alternative to ActiveRecord callbacks and Observers
  • as a communication layer between loosely coupled components
  • to react to published events synchronously or asynchronously
  • to extract side-effects (notifications, metrics etc) from your controllers and services into event handlers
  • to build an audit-log
  • to create read-models
  • to implement event-sourcing

Upcoming events

  • RESCon, 4—6.10.2018

    The first Rails Event Store conference! An exclusive (limited seats) occasion to meet Rails Event Store core team, talk with developers who are using DDD & Event Sourcing in their projects, share your experience & learn from others experience. We have the agenda ready (see below) and registration is now open! You could register here

    This will be 3 days, each with separate Rails Event Store event and will be held from 4th to 6th of October in Wrocław, Poland (venue will be revealed soon). The agenda of those 3 days:

    Thursday (4.10) / Workshop

    DDD with Rails & Rails Event Store by Arkency (20 participants)

    Friday (5.10) / Conference

    10:00—11:30 The vision behind Rails, DDD and the RailsEventStore ecosystem - Andrzej Krzywda
    12:00—13:00 Our current Rails Event Store extensions - Andrzej Śliwa
    13:00—15:00 Lunch break
    15:00—16:00 Introducing DDD/ES with RES in legacy systems - Mirosław Pragłowski & Paweł Pacana
    16:30—18:30 Event sourcing with Rails Event Store
    19:00—... Dinner and start of the unconference

    Saturday (6.10) / Hackathon

    10:00—22:00 Hackathon, improving RES, confronting ideas (free attendance, registration required)

    And one more thing! There will be a possibility to have private mentoring/code review sessions during hackathon (please contact us at

    See more details at